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... Ownership exists for partnerships, not partnerships for ownership.
Societies have a material and objective existence: property is only a subjective notion. This being the case, the limits of property must not go beyond where the vital needs of society require it.
Andrés Molina Enriquez.
Observatorio Agrario

Observatorio Agrario A.C.

The Mexican countryside of the XXI century requires a new reflection regarding Agrarian Development, its institutions (SEDATU, PA, INSUS, RAN, FIFONAFE), agrarian jurisdiction (TSA and TUA's) and rural Development (SADER and Secretary of Well-being, SEGALMEX , Financial National Agricultural Development, FIRA) in an integral way; recontextualizing   agrarity in all its dimensions and making effective the Human Rights of the peasant from a conventional and constitutional source .

Social Property 102 million hectares comprises just over 51% of the total national territory; which is made up of more than 32,000 Agrarian nuclei (ejidos, communities, agricultural colonies ) and, more than 5 million surface rights holders (ejidatarios, comuneros, possessors, residents, nationalists).

The relevance of Social Property is beyond its sole economic potential. In the territory of the Ejidos and Agrarian Communities are:

  • Most of the arable land with livestock and agroindustrial potential ;

  • Most of our jungles and forests;

  • The lands that cities require for their development and growth;

  • The regularization of most of the houses without deeds / property title;

  • Most of the national water resources;

  • The coasts with tourist potential;

  • Mining and energy resources and deposits .

But above all, in the ejido and communal lands are the country's agri - food sovereignty . More than 30 million Mexicans live there and the roots of our indigenous origin.

The Agrarian Reparto is the synthesis of the history of post-revolutionary Mexico, on which the modernity that we enjoy today is built.

Nayar Paredes Observatorio Agrario 3
Nayar Paredes Observatorio Agrario
Justicia Aliar Abogados
Nuestros proyectos

Nuestros Proyectos

Indicadores del Sector Agrario

We will evaluate the performance of the Institutions of the Agrarian Sector, generating indicators that allow us to identify the opportunities and challenges of the Sector.


We will observe that the subjects and agrarian nuclei receive quality attention from their Institutions, to face the challenges of global Mexico.

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Guia para la defensa de los Derechos de los campesinos.

The enforceability and guarantee of the Human Rights of Peasants begins with its dissemination and knowledge.

We carry out a guide with Human Rights and the Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights of the constitutional and conventional source of the peasants .


The same guide contains the means to demand the rights through the respective legal channels.

Indicadores  de la Justicia Agraria Mexicana

Constitutional Article 27 orders the Administration of Agrarian Justice, through Courts endowed with Autonomy and Full Jurisdiction.


The Agrarian Justice Office is in charge of the branch's Office, which due to its institutional design has the functions of Agrarian Ambudsman.


We will observe its operation in favor of the Mexican Agrarian Subjects and Nuclei, we will develop indicators and diagnoses, with full awareness of their problems and challenges.

Aplicación Integra para los campesinos.

In order for peasants in the social sector to improve their living and working conditions for the sake of national food sovereignty and security, they must receive resources, strategies for production and marketing of their products in an agile and direct way .

We are developing an application to make resources available to the social field directly and in favor of the peasants.

In the same way, we are developing strategies to strengthen agro-productive information systems to integrate strategies of

Desarrollo Agrario y Desarrollo Rural Sustentable

El Desarrollo Agrario mexicano, forma parte de las  funciones y atribuciones de la administración Pública Federal por medio de la SEDATU.

Al día de hoy, el Desarrollo Agrario requiere de contenido presupuestal, territorial y políticas publicas definidas para materializar el desarrollo de la propiedad social y de los campesinos sociales mexicanos.

Emprenderemos foros y espacios de discusión para proponer policías publicas, reformas legislativas y nueva normativa para que los derechos humanos de los campesinos se materialicen en los ejidos, las comunidades, las colonias agrícolas, en beneficio de ejidatarios, comuneros, jornaleros y familias campesinas.

Código Procesal Agrario


Observatorio Agrario A.C. 
Av. Baja California 281-204; Colonia Hipódromo Condesa,
Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México. CP 06140
Tel 55 6842 0669


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